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Information and research about the geometry invented by Herman Minkowski
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Taxicab Geometry

Angles / Trigonometry

Length / Area / Volume


Geometric Figures

The Taxicab Metric




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Kevin's Corner

<spacer> <spacer> Welcome to the Taxicab Geometry website! This website is dedicated to providing information about Taxicab Geometry and promoting interest and research in the geometry. Please use the navigation to the left or below to visit different portions of the website.

Note: Unless stated otherwise, this website will always deal with "pure taxicab geometry" and not "traditional taxicab geometry". Please see the Definitions page for more information about the distinction between traditional and pure taxicab geometry.

  • Taxicab Geometry: Provides an introduction to taxicab geometry and investigates the basic features of the geometry.

  • Angles / Trigonometry: Defines angles native to the geometry and the associated trigonometric functions. Also examines topics such as angle sectioning and trigonometric identities.

  • Area / Volume: Examines the basic dimensional measures in taxicab geometry.

  • Conics: All you ever wanted to know about taxicab conic sections.

  • Geometric Figures: Description of and information about various geometric figures in taxicab geometry such as circles and regular polygons.

  • The Taxicab Metric: More detailed and in-depth information about the taxicab metric.

  • Triangles: Who thought three sides connected together could cause so much trouble?

  • Research: Documents academic research in taxicab geometry.

  • Resources: Other resources, such as books, about taxicab geometry.

  • Links: Other websites with information about taxicab geometry.

  • News / Updates: Information about changes and updates to this website.
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